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Dick Turpin: Sentence of Death (2) (S4EP2 ITV 6 Feb 1982, with David de Keyser)



Sentence of Death (2): Barnaby Husk seems struck by plague and is considered deadly ill but he takes Poll Maggot by surprise and escapes from ‘The Fox’ with the King’s small cousin, Rupert, as hostage.

guest cast
Michael Deeks (Swiftnick), Alfie Bass (Isaac Rag), Bryan Marshall (Barnaby Husk), Annabelle Lee (Poll Maggot), David de Keyser (Duke of Hesse), Joan Rhodes (Big Nell), Aaron Burchell (Boy)

Writer: Richard Carpenter
Director: James Allen

Airdate: 6 February 1982 on ITV.

Season 4 Episode 2

Series: Dick Turpin