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Dick Turpin: The Elixir of Life (S2EP5 ITV 15 Mar 1980, with Michael Robbins)



The Elixir of Life: Dick Turpin lacks money to pay for a room at The Fox but he expects Harry Sims to bring him some for stolen goods. Harry Sims is caught by soldiers led by Captain Venables who is eager to find Turpin. Instead Dr. Mandragola enters The Fox and pays for a room with his last bottle of ‘elixir of life’ but Turpin’s nose estimates it to be whiskey. In the middle of the night the female inn-keeper wakes up Turpin, as she fears Dr. Mandragola is summoning The Devil chanting very loud. Turpin finds him very drunk on the floor. Suddenly Captain Venables and his troops enter The Fox to search for Turpin.

guest cast
Michael Deeks (Swiftnick), John Junkin (Dr. Mandragola), Michael Robbins (Sgt. Bullock), Hilda Braid (Abby), Anthony May (Captain Venables), Nigel Humphries (Soldier), Peter Hill (Harry Sims)

Writer:John Kane
Director: Charles Crichton

Airdate: 15 March 1980 on ITV.

Season 2 Episode 5

Series: Dick Turpin