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Dick Turpin: The Judge (S2EP7 ITV 29 Mar 1980, with Ray Mort)



The Judge: As Swiftnick is about to be tried at the local court, Dick Turpin catches Judge Lambsfoot, a special delegate from London, takes over his identity and his role in court. But Swiftnick whispers loudly to warn him about a fingerring, so even the empty-brained Captain Spiker recognizes him.

guest cast
Christopher Benjamin (Sir John Glutton), David Daker (Captain Nathan Spiker), Michael Deeks (Swiftnick), Ray Mort (Radstock), Jo Rowbottom (Mary), Sarah Webb (Emmy), John Barrard (Judge Lambsfoot), Verne Morgan (Clerk off the Court)

Airdate: 29 March 1980 on ITV.

Season 2 Episode 7

Series: Dick Turpin