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Dick Turpin: The Pursuit (S1EP5 ITV 3 Feb 1979, with Stacy Dorning)



The Pursuit: Turpin and Swiftnick are themselves targeted by highwaymen, giving chase the pair end up at the Manor House of Mrs Bedingfield and her beautiful daughters…

guest cast
Michael Deeks (Swiftnick), Stacy Dorning (Belinda), Stewart Bevan (Charles Fenton), Joe Ritchie (Grummit), Honor Shepherd (Mrs. Bedingfield), Larry Hoodekoff (Captain Rogers), Kate Dorning (Abigail), Wilfred Grove (Fenton’s Servant)

Writer:Richard Carpenter
Director: James Allen

Airdate: 3 February 1979 on ITV.

Season 1 Episode 5

Series: Dick Turpin