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Dick Turpin: The Thief-Taker (S2EP6 ITV 22 Mar 1980, with James Villiers)



The Thief-Taker: Dick Turpin robs 50 guineas from Lord Fordingham who is not able to recognize him. They meet in an inn later wherre Turpin calls himself Jeremiah Snare, a thief-taker. He tricks Lordfordingham to believe Captain Nathan Striker is indeed Dick Turpin.

guest cast
David Daker (Captain Nathan Spiker), Michael Deeks (Swiftnick), James Villiers (Lord Fordingham), Joan Rhodes (Big Nell), Keith James (Davy), Amanda Bell (Rose), Richard Harradine (Drake)

Writer: Richard Carpenter
Director: James Allen

Airdate: 22 March 1980 on ITV.

Season 2 Episode 6

Series: Dick Turpin