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Dickinson: My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun (S3EP8 Apple TV+ Fri 10 Dec 2021)



My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun: On the day of a soldier’s memorial, Emily’s efforts to keep her family’s hope alive reach a breaking point and she descends into a personal inferno.

Emily Dickinson. Poet. Daughter. Total rebel. In this coming-of-age story, Emily’s determined to become the world’s greatest poet.

Cast: Hailee Steinfeld (Emily Dickinson), Toby Huss (Edward Dickinson), Adrian Enscoe (Austin Dickinson), Anna Baryshnikov (Lavinia ‘Vinnie’ Dickinson), Ella Hunt (Sue Gilbert), Amanda Warren (Betty), Chinaza Uche (Henry), Jane Krakowski (Mrs. Dickinson)

Airdate: Friday 10 December 2021 on Apple TV+.

Season 1 Episode 8