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Dickinson’s Real Deal: Bridlington 2 (S2022EP28 ITV Thursday 6 October 2022)



Bridlington 2

Bridlington 2: An admiral watercolour washes up on Karen Dalmeny’s table while David Dickinson is in the seaside town of Bridlington. Additionally, Stewart Hofgartner gets into a tizzy when a Drum Major’s mace shows up, and Fay Rutter is hoping for a drink when a drinks globe rolls in.

Airdate: Thursday 6 October 2022 at 14:00 on ITV

Season 2022 Episode 28

David Dickinson presents the show in which members of the public bring items to be valued by a team of experts. If the member of the public decides to they can sell the item to the dealer, however if not we follow the item as it is auctioned off, to see if they made the right decision to not sell the item to the dealer.