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Dignity Colony – Series Premiere (SBS Wednesday 7 December 2022)




Today Wednesday 7 December 2022 the show Dignity airs a new episode called Colony – Series Premiere.

Leo Ramirez, a federal prosecutor, has the responsibility of detaining Paul Schaefer, the founder of the German cult “Colonia Dignidad” in Southern Chile, on suspicion of abusing children. Leo was born and raised in Colonia but left after his brother passed away. This is his first time back. Schaefer has escaped when Leo and Pamela, a local police officer, arrive to apprehend him. In Schaefer’s absence, the hospital’s director Bernhard Hausmann and his adopted daughter Ava are in charge.

With Götz Otto (Paul Schäfer), Devid Striesow (Bernard Hausmann), Jennifer Ulrich (Anke Meier), Antonia Zegers (Pamela Rodríguez),


Today, Wednesday 7 December 2022, the episode Colony – Series Premiere airs at 10.55pm on SBS.

Season 1 Episode 1

Dignity – The Germanic cult ‘Colonia Dignidad’ abused children, tortured and killed prisoners in its secret compound. Now, with Chilean dictator Pinochet gone, Leo Ramírez, a young federal prosecutor, must bring its leader Paul Schaefer to justice.

Featured Image Credit: SBS