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Dixon of Dock Green: Black Monday (S21EP4 BBC 8 Mar 1975, Del Henney)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Black Monday: “Bad news” is how Detective Inspector Andy Crawford views the arrival in Dock Green of two members of the American underworld. No one suspects that they have any connection with Sergeant Johnny Wills’ unexpected disappearance.

Regular Cast: Jack Warner (George Dixon), Peter Byrne (Det Insp Andy Crawford), Gregory De Polnay (Detective Sergeant Mike Brewer), Nicholas Donnelly (Sergeant Johnny Willis)

Guest Cast: Stephen Marsh (Police Constable Dunn), Jo Rowbottom, Del Henney, Jeremy Wilkin, Stephen Greif, Clifford Rose, Kismet Delgado, Ben Howard, Stacy Davies, Carlos Douglas, Tim Pearce

Writer: Derek Ingrey / Director: Michael Briant

Airdate: 8 Mar 1975 on BBC One

Series: Dixon of Dock Green Season 21 Episode 4

Show Info: Crime drama series featuring the cases of Sergeant George Dixon working in the East End of London.