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Dixon of Dock Green: Harry’s Back (S20EP3 BBC 12 Jan 1974, Esmond Webb)



Dixon of Dock Green BBC Jack Warner

Harry’s Back: “One of the best”. That’s what everybody said about Harry Simpson (Lee Montague) – everybody, that is, except Sergeant Crawford.

Episode Cast:
Jack Warner (George Dixon), Peter Byrne (Det Insp Andy Crawford) Nicholas Donnelly (Sergeant Wills), Gregory De Polnay (Detective Sergeant Brewer), Esmond Webb, Bert Lena, Frank Coda, Michael O’Donoghue, Betty Turner, Jean Dallas, Luke Maguire, Paul Haley, Anthony Collin, Mary Kenton, David Pelton, Derek Chafer, Yvonne Ball, Iain Smith, Mela White, Lee Montague, Michael Sheard, Nancy Gabrielle, Susan Tebbs, Peter Hughes, John Malcolm, Jonathan Adams

Writer: N J Crisp / Director: Vere Lorrimer

Airdate: 12 Jan 1974 on BBC

Series: Dixon of Dock Green Season 20 Episode 3

Show Info: Crime drama series featuring the cases of Sergeant George Dixon working in the East End of London.