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Dixon of Dock Green: Seven for a Secret – Never to be Told (S21EP2 BBC 22 Feb 1975, Forbes Collins)



Dixon of Dock Green BBC Titles

Seven for a Secret – Never to be Told: “One for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl and four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold and seven for a secret never to be told”. So the rhyme goes, but the secret Ralph Harding (Andrew Bradford) shared with Chrissie Pengelly (June Page) involved the death of a woman. Andy Crawford and Sergeant Brewer find themselves involved in a life-or-death chase in the West Country.

Regular Cast: Jack Warner (George Dixon), Peter Byrne (Det Insp Andy Crawford), Gregory De Polnay (Detective Sergeant Mike Brewer), Nicholas Donnelly (Sergeant Johnny Willis)

Guest Cast: Denis Goacher (Sergeant Dawes), Frank Lester, Roy Desmond, Billie Love, June Page (Chrissie Pengelly), Andrew Bradford (Ralph Harding), Forbes Collins, Sidney Kean, Lila Kaye, Paul Antrim, Jim McManus, Tommy Wright, Clare Kelly

Writer: Derek Ingrey / Director: Joe Waters

Airdate: 22 Feb 1975 on BBC One

Series: Dixon of Dock Green Season 21 Episode 2

Show Info: Crime drama series featuring the cases of Sergeant George Dixon working in the East End of London.