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DIY SOS 2 Part Grenfell Special airs Wed 5 Sep on BBC OneDIY SOS 2 Part Grenfell Special airs Wed 5 Sep on BBC One


DIY SOS 2 Part Grenfell Special airs Wed 5 Sep on BBC One



In this two-part series, premiering on 5 September at 9.00pm on BBC One, Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team are attempting by far their biggest and longest build yet, constructing two brand new buildings for the Grenfell community on a 750 square metre site over several months to create spaces worth about £2 million.

Episode one. With the aid of large construction companies, generous suppliers, volunteers and the Duke of Cambridge (who visits the site), the team is building a new home for the Dale Youth Boxing Club, a west London success story. The boxing club takes on anyone who wants to train and has been helping youngsters in the area for over 50 years to acquire the discipline that boxing training brings. The club started the careers of James de Gale who won an Olympic gold medal in Beijing, and George Groves, current WBA Super Middleweight champion, as well as producing many national champions.

From 1999 the club was housed in Grenfell Tower. A few months before the tragic fire which claimed 72 lives, the club moved into a newly refurbished space as part of the fateful fit out of the building. Since the fire, the club has been squatting temporarily in a gym in a disused car park, as trainer Mick Delaney is determined to carry on for the young people that use the club.

These include 14 year-old Jodie, who says that boxing is helping him come to terms with the loss of a school friend in the fire. Jodie and Mick meet the Duke on his visit to the site, as he joins the build team and lends a hand with some undercoating, as he did on his previous visit to a DIY SOS site in Manchester building homes for veterans.

This build was months in conception, planning, consultation with the community and was slated as a nine-week build from the ground up. It provided many firsts for Nick and the team: the challenge of building under a motorway and using steel construction as well as becoming it’s longest and largest build. The fire at Grenfell Tower moved people across the country, and thanks to the incredible generosity of building and engineering companies and suppliers and volunteers, Dale Youth Boxing club has a new secured home.

Airdate:Wednesday 5 September 2018 from9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC One.

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