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DIY SOS: Carbis Bay, Cornwall (BBC One Monday 4 July 2022)



DIY SOS: The Big Build – Stephen and Lynn Smedley were looking forwards to their well-deserved retirement in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, after 15 years of foster care. When their daughter passed away and they were left to care for their three grandsons, the dream underwent a significant change.

The boys are made to share a single bedroom with a triple bunkbed while they are still in mourning over their mother’s untimely passing. Due to a lack of space, Lynn is forced to do her ironing in the shed and there is only one bathroom.

Introducing Nick Knowles and the group. With the aid of hundreds of volunteers, they intend to redesign and expand their home to accommodate three growing boys.

Airdate: Monday 4 July 2022 at

This episode is a repeat.