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DNA Journey: Alison Hammond and Kate Garraway (S3EP2 ITV Thursday 6 October 2022)



Alison Hammond and Kate Garraway

TV presenters Kate Garraway and Alison Hammond set out on a road trip to learn about their ancestry using a combination of DNA testing and genealogy research, as well as by meeting living relatives they were unaware they had. Kate is looking forward to meeting her cousins for the first time as she travels to London. Alison’s trip to Jamaica, the mother’s native country and the place where she recently passed away, is a very emotional and moving one that makes her feel closer to her mother as she learns the most astonishing of maternal histories.

Airdate: Thursday 6 October 2022 at 21:00 on ITV

Season 3 Episode 2

Celebrity pairs embark on an adventurous and life changing road trip to discover their family history.

Following their maternal and paternal bloodlines, the pairings will be delving into their family history using cutting edge DNA technology and genealogy to uncover the secrets of their past…as well as meeting living relatives they never knew existed.