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Doc Martin: Fly Me To The Moon (S10EP5 ITV Wednesday 5 October 2022)



Fly Me To The Moon

When Louisa walks into their kitchen to find her father Terry Glasson (Kenneth Cranham) brewing tea, she is startled. She hasn’t seen him in a long time, so she can’t help but wonder why he’s really back in Portwenn.

Martin visits Ruth (Dame Eileen Atkins) to discuss the surprises she’s been leaving him to test his fear of blood, but she has a surprise of her own to share with regards to Terry.

When a client makes Bert (Ian McNeice) an offer he can’t refuse: to buy one of his vintage caravans, Bert (Ian McNeice) is diversifying and has plans to produce Large Whisky on-site. Ross (Joshua McCord), a squatter, is residing in the old caravan, and he has no intention of leaving. Bert asks PC Penhale (John Marquez) for help, but Penhale is preoccupied with Janice (Robyn Addison), especially after Al complains that he is acting too eagerly.

Airdate: Wednesday 5 October 2022 at 21:00 on ITV

Season 10 Episode 5

Successful surgeon Dr Martin Ellingham relocates to the seaside village of Portwenn in Cornwall; but his gruff demeanour and poor bedside manner bring him into conflict with the locals as he begins his new life as a GP.