Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child (S1EP1 BBC 23 Nov 1963)



An Unearthly Child: London, 1963.

Schoolteachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright are perplexed by the behaviour of one of their pupils, Susan Foreman. Her knowledge of science and history exceeds theirs, yet she seems totally ignorant of many common aspects of everyday life. They follow her to her home address, a junk-yard with a police telephone box standing in it, and encounter her grandfather, the enigmatic Doctor. When they force their way past him into the police box, Susan’s secret is revealed: she and the Doctor are aliens, and the police box is a time machine, the TARDIS, capable of visiting any point in the universe at any moment in time…

guest cast
Francesca Bertorelli as Schoolgirl
Leslie Bates as Shadow
Mavis Ranson as Schoolgirl
Heather Lyons as Schoolgirl
Reg Cranfield as Policeman
Brian Thomas as Schoolboy

Writer: C. E. Webber
Writer: Anthony Coburn
Director: Waris Hussein
Production Design: Peter Brachaki
Special Effects: Ian Scoones
Special Effects: Bernard Wilkie
Original Music Composer: Norman Kay

Original Airdate: 23 Nov 1963 on BBC
Series: Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 1

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