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Doctors: Hurt Today Wednesday 28 September 2022 on BBC One



Doctors UK

What’s Happening on the Doctors episode Hurt Today Wednesday 28 September on BBC One; When Jimmi confronts Maeve, she has one more surprise in store for him. After receiving a job offer, Brian’s situation quickly deteriorates.

Dr Jimmi Clay played by Adrian Lewis Morgan
Maeve Ludlow played by Clelia Murphy
Brian Kiernan played by Simon Lowe
Scarlett Kiernan played by Kia Pegg
Dr Sid Vere played by Ashley Rice
Karen Hollins played by Jan Pearson

Writer: Henrietta Hardy
Director: Steve M Kelly

Airdate: Wednesday 28 September 2022 at 2.15pm on BBC One.

Season 23 Episode 83

There’s always humour and heartbreak in a busy Midlands GP practice, thanks to the turbulent lives and loves of the staff and patients.