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Doomwatch: Flood (S3EP9 BBC1 31 Jul 1972, )



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Flood: “One more inch! A mere inch! And we would have had a full scale disaster in the very heart of London.”

Quist points out that there are certain circumstances which can arise once a century that would cause the level of the Thames to rise so as to cause a flood in London. And it seems these circumstances are about to occur …

Regular Cast: John Paul (Dr. Spencer Quist), John Barron (The Minister), John Bown (Cmdr. Neil Stafford), Joby Blanshard (Colin Bradley), Vivien Sherrard (Barbara Mason)

Guest Cast: Tim Nicholls (BBC Reporter), Raymond Mason (Critchley), David Landon (Assistant), Wensley Pithey (Ericson), Derek Benfield (Dr. Ridley), Robert Raglan (General), Robert James (GLC Man), Michael Lees (Ministry of Defence Man), Patrick Jordan (Lt.-Cmdr. Morrison)

Writer: Ian Curteis / Director: Quentin Lawrence

Airdate: 31 Jul 1972 on BBC1

Series: Doomwatch Season 3 Episode 9

Show Info: Scifi drama series. The Government sets up a special department to counteract unwanted scientific development.