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Doomwatch: High Mountain (S3EP2 BBC1 12 Jun 1972, Ronald Hines)



High Mountain: After the Ridge incident, Doomwatch is assessed. Quist finds himself invited to a large country estate in Scotland where he is offered a high post with power and wealth … if he curbs his investigations into disocyanate. And the Minister feels he should have his own man in Doomwatch.

Regular Cast: John Paul (Dr. Spencer Quist), John Barron (The Minister), Elizabeth Weaver (Dr. Anne Tarrant), John Bown (Cmdr. Neil Stafford), Joby Blanshard (Colin Bradley), Vivien Sherrard (Barbara Mason)

Guest Cast: Ronald Hines (Ian Drummond), John Scott (Cowley), Kedd Senton (Barman), Ian Elliott (Manservant), Moultrie Kelsall (Drummond), Betty Cardno (Mrs. Bell), David Grahame (Gillie)

Writer: Martin Worth / Director: Lennie Mayne

Airdate: 12 Jun 1972 on BBC1

Series: Doomwatch Season 3 Episode 2

Show Info: Scifi drama series. The Government sets up a special department to counteract unwanted scientific development.