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Doomwatch: No Room for Error (S2EP4 BBC1 11 Jan 1971, Anthony Ainley)



No Room for Error: “We could be on the verge of an epidemic, and absolutely no effective drugs to fight it with.”

Doomwatch is approached by Dr Fay Chantry, who is worried about the work her firm is doing on the new ‘wonder drug’ stellamycin. It seems that several children could have died from its use …

Regular Cast: John Paul (Dr. Spencer Quist), Simon Oates (Dr. John Ridge), Jean Trend (Dr. Fay Chantry), Joby Blanshard (Colin Bradley), Vivien Sherrard (Barbara Mason)

Guest Cast: John Wood (Nigel Waring), Anthony Ainley (Senior House Officer), Anthony Sharp (Dr. Ian Phelps), Angus Mackay (Professor Lewin), Michael Culver (Minister’s PPS), Freda Dowie (Hilda), Norman Scace (Elliott), Sheila Grant (Gillian Blake)

Writer: Roger Parkes / Director: Darrol Blake

Airdate: 11 Jan 1971 on BBC1

Series: Doomwatch Season 2 Episode 4

Show Info: Scifi drama series. The Government sets up a special department to counteract unwanted scientific development.