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Doomwatch: The Killer Dolphins (S3EP11 BBC1 14 Aug 1972, )



The Killer Dolphins: “Navy people envy its marvellous radar. A dolphin has been trained to choose – blindfold – the larger of two objects that seem identical to man’s naked eye.”

The US navy are experimenting on dolphins, training them to act as frogmen saboteurs to attach explosives to the hull of ships. But they are also trained to kill, as Quist finds to his cost when he investigates.

Regular Cast: John Paul (Dr. Spencer Quist), John Barron (The Minister), Elizabeth Weaver (Dr. Anne Tarrant), John Bown (Cmdr. Neil Stafford), Joby Blanshard (Colin Bradley)

Guest Cast: Angelo Infanti (Professor Fillippo Balbo), Maria O’Brien (Susan), Rita Giovannini (Guila), Viviane Ventura (Paola Maria Totti), Richardson Morgan (Bill Manzaro), Frank Duncan (Commodore Aylward), Bruno Barnabe (Cavalli)

Writer: Roy Russell / Director: Darrol Blake

Airdate: 14 Aug 1972 on BBC1

Series: Doomwatch Season 3 Episode 11

Show Info: Scifi drama series. The Government sets up a special department to counteract unwanted scientific development.