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Doomwatch: Waiting for a Knighthood (S3EP4 BBC1 26 Jun 1972, Frederick Jaeger)



Waiting for a Knighthood: “What we have isn’t ours to bespoil and pillage. We have it in trust … not just for our children but for future generations of mankind.”

When Ridge starts his recovery it is decided that he cannot return to Doomwatch. Paint is discovered stored in his garage and Quist suspects that lead poisoning from the paint could have affected his mind, leading to his actions. Minister Richard Massingham finds himself drawn into the debate over the dangerous chemical processes, and is then personally involved when a similarly affected man kidnaps his son.

Regular Cast: John Paul (Dr. Spencer Quist), Simon Oates (Dr. John Ridge), John Barron (The Minister), Elizabeth Weaver (Dr. Anne Tarrant), John Bown (Cmdr. Neil Stafford), Joby Blanshard (Colin Bradley), Vivien Sherrard (Barbara Mason)

Guest Cast: Frederick Jaeger (Richard Massingham), Ann Firbank (Peggy Massingham), Anthony Oliver (The Rev Frank Simpson), Margaret John (Mrs. Simpson), Stephen Dudley (Stephen Massingham), Julie Neubert (Josie), Glen Walford (Joan Sylvester), Don McKillop (Det-Chief Insp. Logan), Noelle Middleton (Mrs. Duncan-Foster), Bruce Purchase (Norman Sylvester), Anthony Edwards (Mike)

Writer: Terence Dudley / Director: Pennant Roberts

Airdate: 26 Jun 1972 on BBC1

Series: Doomwatch Season 3 Episode 4

Show Info: Scifi drama series. The Government sets up a special department to counteract unwanted scientific development.