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Double Decker Driving School Episode 2 (ITV 26 Mar 2015)



UK / ITV / 1×30 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 26 March 2015 @ 8.30pm

Series: Double Decker Driving School / Season 1 Episode 2 (of 6)

ITV presents the second instalment of this fascinating six-part documentary series. London bus driver jobs are currently in high demand, and each year thousands of people apply for Arriva’s six-week training course.

On offer is a generous starting salary that can be life-changing for many hopefuls, but learning to drive a 36-foot-long vehicle through the busy and winding streets of London is not an easy task. Helping trainees through the course are a team of specialist driving instructors ready to admonish and cajole every candidate in their quest for perfection.

This time, single mum Claire is approaching the end of the course. Having nearly quit after an eventful first week which involved some close calls, Claire presses on, determined to show her teenage kids that anything is possible. Instructor Gopal has a tried-and-tested trick up his sleeve which he believes will help cure Claire’s anxiety.

Fellow trainee Manuel knows that becoming a bus driver would make him a hero in his household, as his seven-year- old son is a bus fanatic who knows more of the routes than his dad. After struggling with the training and giving the instructors serious cause for concern, Manuel faces a series of crucial safety exams. Will he manage to fulfil his and his son’s bus driving dreams?