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Dr. Ken: Ken And The Basketball Star (ABC 27 Jan 2017, with Stephen Guarino)



Ken and the Basketball Star

In Ken and the Basketball Star, when the star of Molly’s high school basketball team injures his ankle, Ken’s routine exam and unexpected diagnosis shocks everyone since it might keep the young man from playing in the big game.

Meanwhile, Clark and Connor take another major step in their relationship before getting married, and Pat lets Allison in on the secret espresso coffeemaker he keeps in his office.

Cast: Ken Jeong as Dr. Ken, Suzy Nakamura as Allison, Tisha Campbell Martin as Damona, Jonathan Slavin as Clark, Albert Tsai as Dave, Krista Marie Yu as Molly, Dana Lee as D.K. and Dave Foley as Pat.

Guest cast: Stephen Guarino as Connor

Written by Andy St. Clair & Paul O’Toole and directed by Anthony Rich.

Series: Dr Ken Season 2 Episode 15
Airdate: Friday 27 January 2017 at 8.30pm on ABC