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Dr. Phil Today Thursday December 1, 2022, on CBS



Dr. Phil Today Thursday December 1

Dr. Phil Today Thursday December 1, 2022, on CBS. Pet theft, dog attacks, and pandemic pet regrets are just a few of today’s unsettling pet trends. Guest Amanda claims that two men stole her beloved Frenchie while she was being robbed and pistol-whipped in her own home.

Another guest, also called Amanda, claims that an Akita and a pit bull attacked her and her dog while they were out for a walk, leaving her with serious injuries. Jarrod joins the 54% of dog owners who admit to having had regrets about getting a dog by sharing his pandemic pet regret.

Jas, a dog trainer, offers sound advice on how to train your dog. Additionally, Doc Halligan and Dr. Wayne Zuvers talk about the challenges facing veterinarians. Dr. Phil discusses the safety measures and advice that all pet owners should think about.

Airdate: Thursday December 1, 2022 at 3.00pm on CBS.

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