Dr. Phil Today Thursday March 30, 2023, on CBS



Dr. Phil Today Friday May 26

Dr. Phil Today Thursday March 30, 2023, on CBS. Two households, one tragic event, and two contrasting conclusions. A gunman entered Uvalde Elementary School on May 24, 2022, and killed 19 pupils and 2 teachers. Kimberly and Angel, who buried their daughter Amerie when she was 10 years old, remember the day she passed away.

Kimberly says she often wonders what would have happened if she had been at the school to defend her daughter in the hour before the shooting began. When the shooter entered the classroom, Amerie’s closest friend Khloie was there.

She claims that she was holding hands with Amerie when she was shot and killed as they emerged from their hiding place to dial 911 for assistance. Jamie and Ruben Khloie share what their daughter told them about the 77 minutes she and her classmates and teachers waited for assistance inside of the classroom.

Airdate: Thursday March 30, 2023 at 3.00pm on CBS.

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