Dr. Phil Today Thursday May 18, 2023, on CBS



Dr. Phil Today Friday May 26

Dr. Phil Today Thursday May 18, 2023, on CBS. Dr. Phil checks in with some of his most popular interviewees after they’ve returned home from appearing on his show. Karen claims that she fell in love with a man she had never even talked to online. Her daughter Mindy was the one who first warned her about being catfished. Have Karen and the man who said he was stranded at sea continued to communicate?

Renatta eventually comforted herself with food after the deaths of several close relatives. Her amazing weight loss transformation will astound you. Is Lori and Bob still buried under mountains of clutter at home?

Then, the boyfriend of a previous guest gives her the biggest surprise of her life and asks her to marry him.

Find out how Lydia, the 80-year-old champagne-toasting “Glamma,” is doing now. Finally, Nancy Davis, a philanthropist, explains how her organisation, Cure Addiction Now, is working to transform the addiction treatment system for the better.

Airdate: Thursday May 18, 2023 at 3.00pm on CBS.

Dr. Phil McGraw tells compelling stories about real people dealing with a wide range of emotional and behavioural issues, removing the shame and embarrassment that prevents people from seeking help.

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