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EastEnders: Preview (BBC One Thursday 11 January 2024)




In the upcoming episode of EastEnders on BBC One, tension and drama unfold among the residents of Albert Square. Set to air on January 11, 2024, at 7:30 pm, we are in for an eventful evening.

Sam is determined to establish the truth about Albie’s paternity and takes a tough stance. She warns Zack that if he continues to deny Phil access to Sharon, Phil will take legal action. Zack, however, isn’t one to back down easily and fights back against his former friend.

Later, Sam discovers that Kat already knew about Albie’s true father and intentionally kept the information to herself. This revelation prompts Sam to dig deeper, questioning what leverage Sharon has over Phil.

Meanwhile, Penny faces an unexpected hurdle when she starts searching for a flat with Lauren. Peter interjects and makes it clear that he won’t allow Louie to live with someone involved in the drug world. Penny fights back, trying to convince Peter that she is a good person despite her past.


In another storyline, George offers Elaine advice as she expresses concerns about her daughter Linda’s well-being. George reminds Elaine that she cannot fix her daughter’s problems alone.

Eve also begins the process of moving Suki’s belongings into the Slater house, signaling a new phase for the family.

Tune in to EastEnders on BBC One at 7:30 pm on January 11, 2024.

Featured image credit: BBC One


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