Echo 3 We Reject Your Influence (Apple TV+ Friday December 9, 2022)



Echo 3

Today Friday December 9, 2022 the show Echo 3 airs a new episode called We Reject Your Influence.

At a black site in Venezuela, Amber arrives at her ultimate destination. There, she will perish, it is said.

With Michiel Huisman (Eric ‘Prince’ Haas), Luke Evans (Alex ‘Bambi’ Chesborough), Jessica Collins (Amber Chesborough), James Udom (Mitch), Elizabeth Anweis (Natalie Foster), Martina Gusman (Violetta Cadiz),


Today, Friday December 9, 2022, the episode We Reject Your Influence airs at 3.00am on Apple TV+.

Season 1 Episode 5

Echo 3 – When brilliant scientist Amber Chesborough vanishes along the Colombia-Venezuela border, her brother and her husband—both elite U.S. Army commandos—struggle to find her amid a guerilla war, discovering that the woman they love might have a secret.

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