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Eddie Hall: The Beast vs The Mountain airs Sun 26 June on BBC Three



Eddie Hall: The Beast vs The Mountain: In March 2022, two of the world’s strongest men entered the ring in Dubai for what was dubbed the heaviest boxing match in history. It was the dramatic conclusion to one of the fiercest rivalries to ever take place in sports.

Former World’s Strongest Man champions Eddie “The Beast” Hall and Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson (better known as Game of Thrones’ The Mountain) had been engaged in a fight since the bout’s announcement in 2020. This fight was about more than just winning; it was about honour and, most importantly, revenge.

As they competed on the Strongman circuit, Eddie and Hafthor became good friends who respected and liked one another. All of that changed in 2017, though, when Hafthor alleged that Hall had cheated in order to win the title of World’s Strongest Man. The two elite athletes eventually decided to settle the score in the ring with millions watching the drama as their vicious dispute continued to play out on social media.

With exclusive and intimate access to Eddie and his family in the months leading up to the fight and at the main event itself, Eddie Hall: The Beast vs The Mountain follows the highs and lows and all the laughs and tears, as Eddie balances a young family with a punishing and obsessively strict training regime, all the while battling to keep his mental health in check.

But this is not just about a present day grudge match between two giants. This is also a look back at Eddie’s personal story: that of a young man who struggled with serious mental health issues but who found a way to deal with this through extreme forms of exercise. It’s also the story of what happens when you dedicate your life to a single cause to the point of obsession, and the effect that has, both positive and negative, on those closest to you.

Can the working-class man from Stoke restore his honour and achieve the retribution he so desperately desires, against the towering Hollywood star? And at what cost?

Airdate: Sunday 26 June 2022 at 9.00pm on BBC Three.