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Edward the Seventh: Alix (S1EP4 ITV 22 Apr 1975, Deborah Grant)



Alix: Prince Bertie continues his military training but he is taken to deceiving his superiors and sneaking off with his friends to the music halls. His parents continue their search to find Bertie a suitable wife. Their preference is for a German bride but eventually they settle on Princess Alexandra of Denmark, known to her family as Alix. A brief meeting is arranged for the two at the cathedral in Speyer, but no final decision is made. Relations with his father deteriorate even further when the Prince Consort receives a confidential letter from a friend telling of Bertie’s dalliance with a music hall singer.

Bertie is clearly a disappointment to his father, but the elder Prince Albert falls ill and dies of typhoid toward the end of 1861. Albert is concerned as trouble between Denmark and Prussia grows. Albert endeavours to avoid war with the United States. President Lincoln proposes an alliance with France to conquer Canada.

Annette Crosbie (Queen Victoria), Robert Hardy (Prince Albert), Felicity Kendal (Princess Vicky), André Morrell (Lord Palmerston), Deborah Grant (Alix), Charles Sturridge (Bertie), Harry Andrews (General Bruce), Gwyneth Strong (Minnie), Deborah Makepeace (Helena), Michael Byrne (Fritz), Moultrie Kelsall (Sir James Clark), Nigel Havers, Anthony Douse, Kathleen Byron, Shirley Steedman, Ian Gelder, Susan Macready, Guy Slater, Peter Collingwood, Jeffrey Segal, Ralph Watson, John Dunbar, Max Hartnell

Writer: David Butler / Director: John Gorrie

Airdate: 22 Apr 1975 on ITV

Series: Edward the Seventh Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: Period drama serial. The life of the heir to Queen Victoria, especially his dalliances with Lillie Langtry and other women. Made by the ATV network for ITV.