Edward the Seventh: An Experiment in Education (S1EP2 ITV 8 Apr 1975, Robert Hardy)



An Experiment in Education: The young Prince Albert, called Bertie by members of the family, is not having a particularly happy childhood. The elder Prince Albert has very definite views about his son’s education including the need for non-stop work, both in the classroom and out, and very strict discipline. Bertie rebels but the only solution seems to be ever more discipline. He’s clearly a disappointment to his father who had hoped his son would be a new kind of leader, a scholar who knows and understands the world but that is clearly not to be, at least not to his satisfaction.

He soon dismisses his eldest son and spends most of his time ensuring the happiness of his eldest daughter Princess Victoria, known as Vicky. Her marriage is something of a sad time for the Queen and the Prince Consort as they miss her greatly and Bertie feels that he cannot replace his sister in their hearts. Bertie for his part wants to do something useful but his personal wants and desires seem to the furthest thing from his father’s mind.

Annette Crosbie (Queen Victoria), Robert Hardy (Prince Albert), Alison Leggatt (Duchess of Kent), Felicity Kendal (Vicky), André Morrell (Lord Palmerston), Noel Willman (Baron Stockmar), Charles Sturridge (Bertie), Harry Andrews (Colonel Bruce), Simon Gipps-Kent (Younger Bertie), Michael Byrne (Fritz), Terrence Hardiman, Arthur Hewlett, Julian Sherrier, Chloe Ashcroft, Ian Gelder, Stephen Grover, Peter Spraggon, Bill Ward, Malcolm Rogers, Mandy Tulloch, Patricia O’Brian, Lisa Welsford, Oliver Rudolph, Paul O’Connor, Joshua Bassett, Timothy Lines, Barnaby Shaw, David Arnold, Roger Eden

Writer: David Butler / Director: John Gorrie

Airdate: 8 Apr 1975 on ITV

Series: Edward the Seventh Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Period drama serial. The life of the heir to Queen Victoria, especially his dalliances with Lillie Langtry and other women. Made by the ATV network for ITV.

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