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Edward the Seventh: King at Last (S1EP11 ITV 17 Jun 1975, Denis Lill)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

King at Last: After a nearly 60 year wait, Bertie becomes King upon the death of his mother Queen Victoria. There is much speculation as to whether he is up to the job. The King’s nephew, the German Kaiser, proposes an Anglo-German alliance and the King supports it but several of his Ministers simply do not take him seriously.

Although now Queen, Alix is having some trouble adjusting to their new life, refusing to live at Buckingham Palace and reluctant to leave Marlborough House, the home designated for the Prince of Wales, their son George. The King’s sister, Vicky – the Kaiser’s mother – is dying of cancer. The King is frustrated when his coronation is postponed due to the Boer War but when it is finally scheduled, it must be postponed as the King must undergo emergency surgery to remove his appendix.

Timothy West (King Edward The Seventh), Helen Ryan (Queen Alexandra), Felicity Kendal (Princess Vicky), Richard Vernon (Lord Salisbury), Moira Redmond (Alice Keppel), Michael Osborne (Prince George), Judy Loe (Queen Mary), Madeleine Cannon (Princess Victoria), Denis Lill (Frederick Ponsonby), Peter Howell, Edward De Souza, Lyndon Brook, Guy Slater, Basil Hoskins, Angus Mackay, Kenneth Gilbert, Roger Ostime, Paul Bacon, Roy Jacobs, Daniel Slater, Rebecca Slater, Stuart Lock, Robert Fountain

Writer: David Butler / Director: John Gorrie

Airdate: 17 Jun 1975 on ITV

Series: Edward the Seventh Season 1 Episode 11

Show Info: Period drama serial. The life of the heir to Queen Victoria, especially his dalliances with Lillie Langtry and other women. Made by the ATV network for ITV.