Edward the Seventh: The Boy (S1EP1 ITV 1 Jan 1975, Annette Crosbie)



The Boy: After only a year of marriage, Queen Victoria has not only given birth to a daughter but learns that she is again pregnant. The Queen takes her role seriously and is fully engaged in matters of State. She has an outstanding relationship with the Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne and is concerned that her confinement will limit her abilities to rule. For her husband, Prince Albert, his limited role in the household causes friction in the marriage. He has no say in the hiring of the household staff or the way his child is cared for. More importantly he yearns for a role as an adviser in the political realm. The Queen dearly loves him and over time, he slowly establishes himself as the head of the household and becomes an indispensable adviser. The birth of their second child, Prince Albert Edward, provides the line with a male heir. Even though he’s only still a baby, his father is already planning his education.

Annette Crosbie (Queen Victoria), Robert Hardy (Prince Albert), Patience Collier (Baroness Lehzen), Alison Leggatt (Duchess), Joseph O’Conor (Viscount Melbourne), Noel Willman (Baron Stockmar), Moultrie Kelsall (Sir James Clark), Carl Hughes, John Welsh, Michael Barrington, Peggy Ann Wood, Hilary Mason, Patricia Hamilton, Tom Criddle, Trevor Baxter, Lee Fox, James Warwick, Nigel Crewe, Michael Elder, Katherine Hensler

Writer: David Butler / Director: John Gorrie

Airdate: 1 Jan 1975 on ITV

Series: Edward the Seventh Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Period drama serial. The life of the heir to Queen Victoria, especially his dalliances with Lillie Langtry and other women. Made by the ATV network for ITV.

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