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Elementary: Absconded (CBS 7 May 2015 with Sutton Foster)



USA / CBS / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 7 May 2015 @ 10.00pm

Writer: Jason Tracey / Director: Guy Ferland

Series: Elementary / Season 3 Episode 23

Holmes and Watson look into the death of a member of Holmes’ online beekeeping community who was a researcher looking into a deadly Northeast honey bee outbreak.

During the investigation, they meet Tara Parker, a brilliant entomologist, academic and the leader of New York’s beekeeping society.

Also, Captain Gregson enlists Watson’s services in an off-book investigation that helps him make a life-changing decision.

Tony Award-winning actress Sutton Foster guest stars as Tara Parker.

regular cast
Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes
Lucy Liu as Joan Watson
Aidan Quinn as Captain Tommy Gregson
Jon Michael Hill as Detective Marcus Bell

guest cast
Sutton Foster as Tara Parker
Patch Darragh as Griffin Parker
Tony Crane as Everett Keck
Kevin O’Rourke as Deputy Commissioner Pat
Arian Moayed as Yusuf Al Shamsi
Paul Urcioli as Jonah Chait
Danny Boushebel as Rashid Musharakh
Tyler Lansing Weaks as Officer Hayes
Dorothy Lyman as Belinda
Lisa Emery as Mrs. Barnes
Martin LaPlatney as Darryl Ghent
Frank Vlastnik as Handwriting Expert
Adam Sietz as Rick
David Michael Garry as Hugo




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