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Elementary: The Latest Model (S7EP10 CBS Thurs 25 Jul 2019)



The Latest Model: Holmes and Watson receive a shocking request to collaborate from their foe, Odin Reichenbach, when the tech billionaire asks them to test his new crime prevention system. Tasked with investigating someone the program predicts will soon commit a crime, the duo worries Odin will take drastic action before they conclude their inquiry.

Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock Holmes)
Lucy Liu (Joan Watson)
Aidan Quinn (Captain Tommy Gregson)
Jon Michael Hill (Detective Marcus Bell)
James Frain (Odin Reichenbach)

Mandy Gonzalez (Lanette Brooklee)
Patricia Kalember (Erika Vanderwey)
Lindsay Mendez (Dr. Angela Hardy)
Woodlene Alexis (Durah)
Roderick Hill (Wesley Conrad)
Josiah Bania (Amos Deukmejian/DJ Pandasalt)
Lizbeth MacKay (Mrs. Conrad)
Brent Langdon (Peyton Trask)
Mary McCann (Lawyer)
An-Li Bogan (Guide)
Cody Calafiore (Jersey Shore)
Autumn Guzzardi (Girlfriend)

WRITTEN BY: Robert Hewitt Wolfe
DIRECTED BY: Ron Fortunato

Airdate: Thursday 25 July 2019 at 10.00pm on CBS.

Season 7, Episode 10