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Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents Episode 3 (BBC Four Thursday 26 January 2023)



Elizabeth I's Secret Agents

Elizabeth I’s Secret Agents airs a new episode tonight Thursday 26 January 2023 on BBC Four.

Episode 3 After Elizabeth I’s death, King James of Scotland comes south at Robert Cecil’s invitation to assume the crown. Meanwhile, Catholic priest John Gerard, who has spent his life plotting the downfall of the Protestant state that emerged in Elizabeth’s England, has escaped and made contact with a small group of Catholic extremists featuring a man named Guy Fawkes who are plotting to blow up Parliament while the king is inside.

Cecil learns about the gunpowder plot but has no idea when or how it will be carried out. His research is further impeded by the fact that he must simultaneously handle King James, who has the audacious goal of uniting Scotland and England into a single kingdom of Great Britain.

Airdate: Thursday 26 January 2023 at 8.00pm on BBC Four.

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Featured Image Credit: BBC Four