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Emergency Call: Planes, Trains and Auto Defrost (S1EP7 ABC Fri 11 Jun 2021)



Planes, Trains and Auto Defrost: Relive intense 911 calls detailing a private plane crash in Wasilla, Alaska; a car stuck on the train tracks in Ogden, Utah; a child who is choking on a key in Waukesha, Wisconsin; and a group of girls who barricade themselves inside the bathroom while burglars ransack their New Orleans rental home.

Airdate: Fri 11 Jun 2021 at 20:00 on ABC

Season 1 Episode 7

Emergency Call follows the dramatic moments leading up to the arrival of help rather than the events after the firefighters, police or emergency medical services teams arrive, and focuses on the extreme, suspenseful and sometimes humorous stories that flood 911 call centers.