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Emergency: Episode 8 (S3EP8 Channel 9 Mon 5 September 2022)



Episode 8

A pregnant woman who is paralysed and unresponsive due to a suspected stroke has Drs. Michelle and Emma on high alert. After being run over by a camper trailer, the patient of Drs. Bjorn and Martin is critically injured but fighting for his life.

Airdate: Mon 5 September 2022 at 20:40 on Channel 9

Season 3 Episode 8

Emergency is a gritty new medical observational documentary series with unprecedented access to one of Australia’s busiest hospital emergency departments.

In the spirit of the best medical dramas, the doctors and nurses of the Royal Melbourne Hospital emergency department are the real stars.

The series reveals the extraordinary compassion and incredible skills of the doctors and nurses as they treat more than 250 patients who come through the doors of the emergency department every day.

Emergency tells the stories of the patients through the eyes of the doctors and nurses who are literally saving lives every day.