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Endeavour: Scherzo (S8EP2 ABC TV Fri 3 Dec 2021)



Scherzo: It’s the summer of 1971. Endeavour and the team are called to investigate the murder of a cab driver found on the outskirts of Oxford. There have been a string of assaults on cab drivers and the team worry that assault has escalated to murder. With cab drivers prowling Oxford and its outskirts, the population is at this killer’s mercy.

Division is on high alert and putting the pressure on the team to solve the case as quickly as possible. Eager to do the same, however, Endeavour is at first set-back by the similarities between the deceased cab driver and his own late father. The cab driver is one Dudley Lunn, a notorious womaniser and gambler, and his death is far beyond what it first appears to be.

Production credits: Executive Producers: Roger Allam, Shaun Evans, Russell Lewis, Damien Timmer and Helen Ziegler. Endeavour is a Co-Production of Mammoth Screen and Masterpiece, in association with ITV Studios

Airdate: Friday 3 December 2021 at 8.30pm on ABC TV.

Season 8 Episode 2