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Equinox: What Is It You See When You’re Asleep? (S1EP3 Netflix 30 Dec 2020, Lars Brygmann)



What Is It You See When You're Asleep?:

What Is It You See When You’re Asleep?: Jakob leads Ida, Amelia and Falke to the island for the equinox. After learning more about the strange symbol, Astrid questions a former teacher.

Cast: Ask Truelsen (Falke), Danica Ćurčić (Astrid), Lars Brygmann (Dennis), Karoline Hamm (Ida), Hanne Hedelund (Lene), Viola Martinsen (Astrid, 9 years), Fanny Leander Bornedal (Amelia), August Carter (Jakob), Alexandre Willaume (Henrik), Peder Holm Johansen (Torben), Rasmus Hammerich (Mathias), Zaki Nobel Mehabil (David), Tina Gylling Mortensen (Doris), Susanne Storm (Isobel),

Airdate: 30 Dec 2020 on Netflix

Series: Equinox Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Danish crime thriller with paranormal overtones. Haunted by visions after her sister vanished with her classmates 21 years before, Astrid begins an investigation that uncovers the dark, eerie truth.