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Escape to the Country: Argyll and Bute Today Friday 30 September 2022 on BBC One



What’s happening on the Argyll and Bute episode of Escape to the Country Today Friday 30 September on BBC One; A couple from Epsom, a town in Surrey, takes in the breathtaking scenery of Argyll and Bute while Nicki Chapman offers them some sound real estate advice. They desire a home with unending views for their £600,000 price range. In Loch Lomond, Nicki also gets in the water to meet a family who has owned and resided on an island for 70 years.

Airdate: Friday 30 September 2022 at 2.45pm on BBC One.

Season 22 Episode 1

Alistair Appleton, Jules Hudson, Nicki Chapman and Jonnie Irwin are on hand to help prospective buyers find their dream home in the countryside.