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Fairy Tales: The Empress’s New Clothes (S1EP3 BBC 24 Jan 2008, Denise van Outen)



The Empress’s New Clothes: The Empress’s New Clothes introduces Michaela, the star of “Empire State”, a top TV soap opera. Surrounded by a coterie of fawning stylists and advisors, Michaela is hell-bent on outshining her co-star and arch rival Shekeelia at the Silver Sphere Awards, the highlight in the soap opera calendar.

Cast: Denise van Outen (Michaela), Liz White (Shannon), Kenny Doughty (Jake), Tobias Menzies (Aidee), Amber Sainsbury (Haylee), Vincent Franklin (Ralf), Rosie Cavaliero (Kendra), Ameet Chana (Fez), Kavi Shastri (Saj), Sophiya Haque (Ameera), Koel Purie (Shekeelia), Sean McNamee (Trading Standards Officer), Kayleigh Mooney (Eva), Shauna Mooney (Eva), Lewis Hargan (Mikey), Joel Hargan (Mikey)

Writer: Debbie Horsfield / Director: Paul Whittington

Original Airdate: 24 Jan 2008 on BBC
Series: Fairy Tales Season 1 Episode 3