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Fall Of Eagles: Absolute Beginners (S1EP6 BBC 3 May 1974 1974, Michael Kitchen)



Absolute Beginners: Nicholas has now been tsar for nine years and refuses to share his absolute authority with a parliament urged by social reformers. Now married and in London, Lenin is founding his own more radical brand of Marxism and manoeuvres to divide the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party and its publication Iskra from his primary rival Julius Martov. He befriends Leon Trotsky, and despite ill health, at the Second R.S.D.L.P. Congress, Lenin moves to consolidate control. One by one, moderates and liberals are side-lined or expelled, leaving the party split into Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. Meeting at the grave of Karl Marx, many former comrades bid him farewell.

guest cast
Bruce Purchase as Von Plehve
Edward Wilson as Martov
Patrick Stewart as Lenin
Mary Wimbush as Zasulich
Michael Kitchen as Trotsky
Paul Eddington as Plekhanov
Lynn Farleigh as Krupskaya
Charles Kay as Tsar Nicholas II

Director: Gareth Davies
Producer: Stuart Burge
Writer: John Elliot
Writer: Trevor Griffiths

Original Airdate: 3 May 1974 1974 on BBC
Series: Fall Of Eagles Season 1 Episode 6