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Fall Of Eagles: Death Waltz (S1EP1 BBC 15 Mar 1974, Diane Keen)



Death Waltz: Franz Josef has been Austrian emperor since 1848, yet he remains unmarried five years into his reign. His mother, Archduchess Sophie, is determined to ensure the Habsburg line and favours her niece Helene as the future empress. However, Franz has other ideas and prefers Helene’s 15-year-old sister Elisabeth, whom he marries. She struggles to deal with her new position as empress of Austria, motherhood, and her domineering mother-in-law. Endeavouring to carve some of her own space, she resumes a friendship with her old Hungarian mentor Count Majlath. Her fixation with his country is unwelcome at the court.

guest cast
Sandor Elès as Count Andrassy
Pamela Brown as Archduchess Sophia
Miles Anderson as Young Franz Josef of Austria-Hungary
Diane Keen as Young ‘Sisi’, Empress Elizabeth of Austria

Director: Bill Hays
Producer: Stuart Burge
Writer: Hugh Whitemore
Writer: John Elliot

Original Airdate: 15 Mar 1974 on BBC
Series: Fall Of Eagles Season 1 Episode 1