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Fall Of Eagles: Dress Rehearsal (S1EP9 BBC 22 May 1974, Gayle Hunnicutt)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Dress Rehearsal: Britain’s King Edward VII makes a visit to the Royal Russian yacht to discuss an alliance with Russia. Meanwhile, Russia’s Foreign Minister Alexander Izvolsky, begins intriguing to have the Bosphorus opened to the Black Sea Fleet, preferring access to the Dardanelles over guaranteeing Serbian sovereignty against Austria in the Balkans. He quickly finds himself outplayed by Alois Lexa von Aehrenthal when Austria rapidly annexes the Turkish territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, precipitating the Bosnian crisis. In its wake and with the sting of the loss to Japan still fresh, Russia is again outwitted and embarrassed by diplomatic intrigues and forces beyond its borders.

guest cast
Ed Devereaux as Purtales
Peter Dyneley as Von Bulow
Peter Vaughan as Izvolsky
Derek Francis as Edward VII of England
Andrew Keir as Wickham Steed
Laurence Naismith as Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria-Hungary
Frank Middlemass as Stolypin
John Moffatt as Aehrenthal
John Bennett as Georges Clemenceau
Charles Kay as Tsar Nicholas II
Gayle Hunnicutt as Tsarina Alexandra

Director: Rudolph Cartier
Producer: Stuart Burge
Writer: John Elliot
Writer: Jack Pulman

Original Airdate: 22 May 1974 on BBC
Series: Fall Of Eagles Season 1 Episode 9