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Fall Of Eagles: End Game (S1EP13 BBC 19 Jun 1974, Colin Baker)



End Game: With Franz Joseph now dead and the Romanovs murdered by the Bolsheviks, Kaiser Wilhelm is the lone eagle still standing. German troops move west from the now peaceful Russian front, but the Spring Offensive fails, with the Allies making surprising advances across France and Belgium. Wilhelm’s optimism of his soldier’s fighting will is not fully shared by the General Staff, particularly because of the desperate erosion of the home front. Wilhelm’s cousin Prince Max is made Chancellor as a concession to reform, but that only hastens the clamour for change. The 1918 German revolution finally forces the Kaiser’s abdication, and he flees to exile in the Netherlands.

guest cast
Marius Goring as Von Hindenburg
Geoffrey Toone as Groener
Erik Chitty as Hertling
Griffith Jones as Hintze
John Robinson as Muller
Colin Baker as Crown Prince Willie
Eve Pearce as Empress Dona
Michael Bates as Von Ludendorff

Director: Rudolph Cartier
Producer: Stuart Burge
Writer: John Elliot
Writer: Keith Dewhurst

Original Airdate: 19 Jun 1974 on BBC
Series: Fall Of Eagles Season 1 Episode 13