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Fall Of Eagles: Tell the King the Sky is Falling (S1EP11 BBC 5 Jun 1974, Charles Gray)



Tell the King the Sky is Falling: With the resolve and the morale of the Russian army plummeting, Nicholas decides to leave the capital to take personal command of the army, leaving Alexandra behind as his eyes and ears in Petrograd. His son Alexei soon joins him, but his frail constitution soon leads to another health scare.

Alexandra, becoming increasingly unpopular and insecure, has come to rely heavily on the advice and cures of faith healer Grigori Rasputin, who also advises the Empress on which religious people should be in government. As a result, Alexander Protopopov is appointed as a minister, but his ineptitude leads other politicians, such as Mikhail Rodzianko and Alexander Trepov, to scheme for change.

guest cast
Isla Blair as Grand Duchess Ella
Miriam Margolyes as Anna Vyrubova
Hetty Baynes as Grand Duchess Tatiana
Charles Gray as Rodzianko
Alix Crista as Mounia
Hugh Burden as Protopopov
Nigel Stock as General Alexiev
Jenny Till as Mounia
Michael Aldridge as Rasputin
Rosalie Crutchley as Miehen, the Grand Duchess Vladimir
Barbara Keogh as Vara

Director: David Sullivan Proudfoot
Writer: John Elliot
Writer: Elizabeth Holford
Producer: Stuart Burge

Original Airdate: 5 Jun 1974 on BBC
Series: Fall Of Eagles Season 1 Episode 11