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Fall Of Eagles: The English Princess (S1EP2 BBC 5 Apr 1974, Curt Jurgens)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The English Princess: In the hope of promoting a liberal and united Germany, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert arrange for their eldest daughter Victoria ‘Vicky’ to marry Prince Frederick ‘Fritz’ of the Kingdom of Prussia. However, despite her love for the heir apparent and their growing family, the British princess is unprepared for the constraints of her new life in Berlin.

Her politically liberal views and her influence over her husband clash with those of Otto von Bismarck and the Prussian doctrine of iron and blood. Bismarck wins influence over the Kaiser and surprises Europe with swift victories during the decisive Austro-Prussian War and Franco-Prussian War.

guest cast
Roger Hammond as Albrecht
Gemma Jones as Princess Vicky
Frank Thornton as Prince Albert
Denis Lill as ‘Fritz’, Prince Frederick William
Maurice Denham as Kaiser Wilhelm I
Basil Henson as Von Moltke
Curd Jürgens as Otto von Bismarck

Producer: Stuart Burge
Writer: John Elliot
Director: David Cunliffe
Writer: Elizabeth Holford

Original Airdate: 5 Apr 1974 on BBC
Series: Fall Of Eagles Season 1 Episode 2