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Fall Of Eagles: The Indian Summer of an Emperor (S1EP10 BBC 29 May 1974, T. P. McKenna)



The Indian Summer of an Emperor: Franz Josef fears for Austria-Hungary’s future in the hands of his reform-minded nephew and heir-presumptive Franz Ferdinand, especially because of the time that he spends with Kaiser Wilhelm. However, he soon gets news of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and his lower-ranked wife, Sophie Chotek, in Sarajevo.

Initially, he accepts the “providence” of the event and refuses calls to mobilise the army and to punish Serbia. However, the Kaiser quickly insists on immediate and decisive action against Serbia, dismissing the preparedness and will of Russia, downplaying the military threat from France and setting a chain of events in motion that leads to the outbreak of the First World War.

guest cast
Nora Swinburne as Katharina Schratt
Peter Copley as Bethmann-Hollweg
T. P. McKenna as Count Conrad von Hotzendorf
Laurence Naismith as Emperor Franz Josef I of Austria-Hungary
Jay Neill as Heller
Peter Woodthorpe as Archduke Franz-Ferdinand
George Merritt as Ketterl
Neville Barber as Count Paar

Producer: Stuart Burge
Writer: John Elliot
Director: Donald McWhinnie
Writer: Robert Muller

Original Airdate: 29 May 1974 on BBC
Series: Fall Of Eagles Season 1 Episode 10